The inventory was characterized by different stages of construction. The aim of the expansion was to combine the individual components into a new ensemble focusing on good orientation and functionality.

The existing elementary school with 14 classes had to be extended by 4 classes including additional facilities for all-day use as well as a school library and a second gymnasium. The community took the opportunity to develop the gymnasium into a 3-fold sports and event hall with a stage and to integrate the community library in the school.

The new east entrance is clearly visible from the arrival side. The new forecourt will open up both the school and the new sports and event hall. The public library is located at the entrance. The extended class tracts “hover” linearly above it. Opposite the classroom, the new gymnasium and event hall with the existing gymnasium form a sports axis, which can be used independently of school operations. School construction and event hall are references for constructive timber construction.

# Zu- und Umbau

Address Bertha von Suttner Straße 10, 8054 Seiersberg

Client Gemeinde Seiersberg / UniCredit Leasing (Austria) GmbH

Start of Planning 2008

Start of Construction 2010

Completion 2011

Use elementary school, multi-purpose hall

GFA 3.800 m²

UFA 3.200 m²