The three structures of the individual construction sections are positioned in a row equivalent to the construction site. The clear five-storey wooden buildings confidently face the heterogeneous environment and form a new focus in the high-end residential area.


The buildings are accessed and supplied via the northwest forecourt. House 1 and 2 are formally connected to each other in the base area, whereby the underground car park access, the covered bicycle parking spaces and the waste collection area are of course integrated into the design of the new housing estate. In all residential buildings are articulated by opening the northeastern corners, equivalent clear accesses and addresses.

By raising the ground floor level by 50cm, the green spaces between each building can be awarded to the general public and the privacy of the ground floor apartments is significantly improved.

The fifth floor is set back by one meter at the front. The saddle roof is formed asymmetrically over the thermal main body. The south-west-oriented roof is covered with a photovoltaic system. Thus, the roof sets a sign for a contemporary, sustainable timber construction.

Due to the positioning of the visitor parking spaces and the underground parking access directly on the Schubertgasse, the new residential area is traffic-free inside. Along the north-western boundary, the fire service access is positioned right up to House 3. This clearly designed area also serves the delivery to the houses and offers parking facilities for the visitors of the residential complex. Two connecting places form the creative core of the communication with the immediate neighborhood in the south and in the north.

By renouncing the employer to private gardens, the articulation of the open spaces with the developers and the residents can be worked out. Children playgrounds for different ages are planned in the two connecting courtyards.

# Holzwohnbau

# Wohnen als Siedlergemeinschaft

Address Schubertgasse, 8160 Weiz

Client Die Frohnleitner Gemeinnütziges Steirisches Wohnungsunternehmen GmbH

Start of Planning 2019

Use housing

Notes 2019 competition, 1st prize

GFA 4.799 m²

UFA 4.005 m²