Due to its location, the site has a very specific characteristic in an urban heterogeneous environment.

On two sides it is lapped by noise and infrastructure, but has the ability to form a superior “green network” to the east. The design takes up the theme of interweaving and connecting and translates it into the form of solitaires resting in a park landscape. The solitaires speak a clear language in relation to the heterogeneous environment and enable clear address formation.

On entering the area, you dive over the square into the new quarter. The space area serves as an entrance for the residents. In its shape it alternates between fortified, green and planted areas and offers a high quality of stay. This is where the new quarter opens, which is completely car-free. A multifaceted movement forms the “lifelines” of the new district. It is permeable and opens to the adjacent city and nature area. On the west side, the desired parking spaces are situated at the entrée.

The aim of the draft is to limit the traffic-bound space to a necessary minimum. Access for motorized traffic takes place at the designated location. The exit into the underground car park takes place immediately in the vicinity of the driveway. By a staggered arrangement of the building visual connections are generated within the neighborhood as well as to the environment. The building heights of the district are uniformly designed with four storeys.

The two court buildings are accessed from the square area via generous covered entrance areas. Then you can reach a staircase in the half-public courtyard area fifty centimeters higher from where the apartments are accessed. Each of the apartments has its own outdoor area either with loggia and wrap around balcony or like the apartments on the mezzanine floor in the form of private gardens, which have the elevated location on a good distance to the public green space. In the two residential buildings each common areas are provided in the vicinity of the entrances which can be used by the residents as a communal kitchen, residents cinema or multi-function rooms. Even double usages such as residents-café and residents-launderette are conceivable and desirable.

# Holzwohnbau

Address Ziehrerstraße 75 und 77, 8041 Graz

Client ENW Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH

Start of Planning 2019

Use housing

Notes 2019 competition

GFA 5.578 m²

UFA 4.275 m²