In the area of tension between the single-family homes in the south and the storey buildings in the north, the new residential complex on Grünanger in Gratwein is being built.

The evenly arranged, two to three-floor houses convey in their fine distribution between the heterogeneous buildings in the south and the 4-floor residential buildings in the north. By grouping the buildings into courtyard-like groups, the construction site is finely structured, creating different high-quality outdoor spaces. Squares, courtyards and paths create an attractive settlement area.

Generous surrounding balconies and private gardens characterize the settlement picture, the retention in the west is planted with trees, creating a filter to the provincial road. The individual houses are interwoven through the alley and the adjacent squares and paths. A central underground car park connects the majority of the settlement underground. Bicycle storage, garbage collection and visitor parking are arranged at ground level in the access area. The houses are designed as 2- to 3-chandler (max 9 flats / buildings). All apartments are oriented to two or three sides. The compact buildings with central access core are static, building physics and installation optimized. The roof is designed asymmetrically with 20 ° inclination in the respective longitudinal direction of the houses as gable roof and structured with narrow sheet metal roofing in gray color. The vertical facade design incorporates the level of the balconies, giving the houses a varied appearance.

# Zwischen Einfamilienhaus und Geschoßwohnbau

Address Gratwein

Client Wohnbaugruppe ENNSTAL

Completion 2018

Use 62 apartments

Notes 2018 competition, 3rd prize

GFA 6.031 m²

UFA 4.412 m²