The ASKÖ sports complex, together with Schloss Eggenberg and the outdoor swimming pool, form a generous inner-city cultural and recreational area.

Oyster, sports hall and castle, situated at the corner of the respective area, form significant points in the quarter. The urban references are reinforced by the new building and atmospherically and visually interconnected. Instead of foreclosure, the opening follows in two main directions. The hall is now transverse to the existing sports axis, a point as a new beginning.


The large entrance area is designed as an inviting space, which extends into the building interior. Seating steps lead up to the café at the grandstand level, between the new building and the existing building, and make the layout permeable. The circulating floor-to-ceiling glass strip at street level as a counterpart to the historic park wall allows the hall to “float”.

# Bundesschulgebäude

# Seestadt Aspern

Address Eggenberg, Graz

Client Stadt Graz

Completion 2011

GFA 4.080 m²

UFA 3.800 m²