The new building combines modern architecture with the Lungau building tradition.

The student residence is a few minutes walk from the main square. Through a slight rotation of the buildings to the slope and the use of the terrain levels create differentiated outdoor areas:

1. The public forecourt, which opens to the village, with the access roads, the covered access and the dining room.

2. The natural area on the slope side with shared terrace and areas for leisure, games and sports.

3. The quiet courtyards, which can also be expanded as a heat buffer.

The buildings open on the slope side and reach into the landscape like arms. The basement storey houses all rooms that are to be shared, the ceiling area of which is designed as a communal terrace for both homes. The two floors above form the quiet bed tracts with internal communication zones and intimate courtyard.
The external shading forms the protective shield against summer overheating. The inclusion of the terrain levels and the compactness of the construction ensures cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. The rooms are grouped around communication zones, which are equipped with Internet, TV and a kitchenette.
Different climatic zones in the building, best insulation and high-quality glazing, as well as the controlled ventilation with heat recovery (about 90%) result in a future-oriented reduction of the energy requirement. Solar collectors and photovoltaic panels were integrated into the southern roof areas.

Address Sauerfelderstraße 87, 5580 Tamsweg

Client Gemeinnützige Salzburger Wohnbaugesellschaft mbH; Land Salzburg Strabag AG

Start of Planning 2010

Start of Construction 2010

Completion 2011

Use 110 beds

Notes 2010 competition, 1st prize EU wide open

GFA 5.191 m²

UFA 4.326 m²