The new building links the ensemble of kindergarten, community office and elementary school into a courtyard-like building.

The extension of the kindergarten is located directly after the existing building and is directly connected to the exit on the courtyard side. This is also where the new central entrance is located, from which the three areas of the square, the protected courtyard and the exit are directly accessible. The height difference is easily overcome with a ramp in the movement zone, which can also be used as a play element. The expansion of the new kindergarten is carried out smoothly with the existing building, thus ensuring an optimal distribution of functions and room sequence. There is also an additional open area in the west, which is directly accessible from all group rooms and the exercise room.

The auditorium and the outlet form the new center for the school campus. Due to the breakthrough in the existing auditorium and day care area, the new building integrates ideally with the existing school building of the elementary school – an open, spacious, multifunctional space for eating out, day care and for the break is created. The additional classes for the elementary school are located on the top floor of the extension. In front of the classes, a very large lounge area offers enough space for open classes or activities during breaks. This is followed by a 120 m2 terrace that can be used for free classes or is an extended room for the break times.

The house of the associations for two music associations and for the music school forms the center of the new school campus. The entrance area as well as the foyer was designed to offer the ideal setting for various events and audition evenings. The functionally optimized and compact building offers an ideal location for all users of the clubs and the music school.

# Kindergarten

# Schule

# Zu- und Umbau

Address Eggersdorf by Graz

Client Marktgemeinde Eggersdorf bei Graz

Start of Planning 2020

Completion 2022

Use Kindergarten, primary school and municipal office

Notes 2020 competition, 1st prize

GFA 2.205 m²

UFA 1.951 m²