The Leechkirche (Maria Himmelfahrt am Leech) is the oldest church of Graz and is one of the most important Gothic monuments, not only in Styria, but in all of Austria. The location for the project Church 2.0 is located south adjacent to the Leech Church and directly on the Zinzendorfgasse, which leads to the University of Graz.

The Zinzendorfgasse is characterized by its wide range of diverse restaurants and cafés and is perceived as a very popular street in the district. The mix of students, professionals and residents makes the Zinzendorfgasse a diverse meeting space, which is otherwise only to be found in the direct city center.

It is planned to create space for a meeting center as a social project using discarded shipping containers. The development proposal refers to a time-limited installation (3-5 years), which is to play in the forecourt of the Leechkirche the church forecourt. The meeting center will consist of buildings (shop, workshop, innovation room, café), a book tower, terraces and an arena (grandstand).

# Kunst- und Sozialprojekt

Address Zinzendorfgasse 3, 8010 Graz

Client Diözese Graz-Seckau

Start of Planning 2017

Completion 2017

Use meeting center

UFA 100,95 m²