A kindergarten as a wooden pavilion in the middle of a park.

The new building of the “Kindergarten-Förderzentrum für Hör- und Sprachbildung” extends southwest along the existing educational building complex. As a counterpart to the three-storey landmarked main building, the new building fits into the park area like a garden pavilion. The quiet almost square shape spans its own space without affecting the historical inventory. According to the pavilion idea, the new building is designed as a central space.

The central hall – the “heart” of the building – allows in connection with the event and movement space a variety of uses and games. Through the atrium, the deep interior of the building is bright and sunny, and also allows the seasons to be experienced in the interior. From this center, all room groups are reached by short distances. On a construction grid, load-bearing panes on the corner form the supporting structure with spans from 3.6 m to a maximum of 8 m. As a result, an economic design in structural timber was possible. From an ecological and atmospheric point of view, the building material wood was chosen. The building is equipped with a controlled ventilation, the high insulation values correspond to the low energy standard. The wide cantilevered canopy with wooden slats protects against summer overheating.

# Kindergarten

# Pavillon im Park

Address Rosenberggürtel 12, 8010 Graz

Client LIG Steiermark

Start of Planning 2013

Start of Construction 2014

Completion 2015

Use 4 group rooms

Notes 2012 competition, 1st prize

GFA 1. 276 m²

UFA 1.150 m²