The settlement, which consists of ten detached houses grouped around a natural water surface, represents the current attempt in the eighties to find a communicative way of living for the shape of a single-family dwelling. For this purpose, a settler community was founded, which supervised the realization of the plant.

In order to get as much open space as possible on the attractive property with mature trees, a compact design was chosen over a square floor plan, which offered large expansion possibilities inside. The term “core house” refers to the central core of a circular warm air shaft of the heating with circumferential staircase, which also takes on constructive tasks. The spatial arrangement follows this step path, which over the three floors, different spatial configurations at different heights. The outward appearance of the wood-clad houses reflects the wealth of variants of living concepts. A small community house complements the facility.

# Wohnen als Siedlergemeinschaft

Address Rettenbacherstraße 5H, 8044 Graz

Client ÖWG

Start of Planning 1982

Start of Construction 1983

Completion 1984

Use 10 single-family houses, community house

Notes GerambRose 1987