The castle Oberkapfenberg is situated on a hill, around visible and a strong landmark for the city. The Ensemble with the higher situated Loretto Chapel is considered by the city to be absolutely worth preserving.

The design of variant 1 is located in the north of the castle below the existing plateau. There are two entrances, one is directly accessible from the basement of the castle in the foyer of the hotel, on the other hand there is an access to the entrance area on the existing plateau. The hotel has an almost 360 ° view. All rooms and important functions, such as the foyer, the restaurant and the spa are positioned with generous outdoor areas to the outside and enjoy the wonderful view towards Kapfenberg. Three atriums illuminate the hotel from inside and provide an additional protected outdoor area for the hotel guests.

# Hotel

Address Schloßberg 1, 8605 Kapfenberg

Start of Planning 2019

Completion 2019

Use hotel

Notes 2019 competition

GFA 3.800 m²