The aim of the project is to develop and implement a replicable interim and subsequent use concept for brownfields in the Smart City district along the Waagner-Biro-Straße in Graz.

The green.LAB is an innovative demo building: further development of the “Urban Boxes” as transportable modular timber construction in combination with building greening, biodiversity, district gardens, rainwater management as well as efficient energy supply and use of renewable energy sources AND a lower threshold accessible, open (learning, production, exhibition, Work) space on urban green. The green.LAB is the engine and initiator of a variety of intelligent intermediate and transitional uses on additional brownfield sites in the district and offers interested target groups the opportunity to get to know green infrastructure as a key climate change adaptation measure in cities, both temporarily (locally) and permanently (in terms of time) to experience and implement yourself. At the end of the temporary use, the green.LAB will be transferred to another urban development area in order to initiate a similar process. In addition, further concrete usage scenarios and applications including business models for the green urban boxes will be developed and evaluated.

With its location directly opposite the new Graz research center Science tower Graz and the popular and edgy event venue Helmut-List-Halle, the location of the Green.LAB enjoys attention far beyond the growing neighborhood in the Smart City Graz.

The topic of innovative temporary use of fallow land will now be implemented in practice with reference to the topic of green infrastructure and climate change adaptation as a strategic instrument for sustainable urban district development.

The former industrial area is located on the site of the planned NMS Smart City Graz. Between “Cool City” and the future VS Smart City Graz, the “green.lab” is a place of green diversity. The consideration of the whole place as a green oasis should take place here, whereby the temporary demo building as wood construction with green infrastructure provides the input for it.

# Innovativer Holzbau

Address Waagner-Biro-Strasse 99, 8020 Graz

Client Stadt-Labor Graz

Start of Planning 2017

Start of Construction 2018

Completion 2019

Use research

GFA 65 m2

UFA 49 m2