The tree chalet is located in three different elevation zones to track down the crowns of the forest.

The building of massive woods from the floor and the guest in different height with stunning stay in different topics of the natural forest. With a focus on the surrounding nature, a beautiful terrace over the forest floor and a tree that extends through the building, the concept is holistically dedicated to the tranquility of the forest.

The focus of the design is on the approach of human and nature. The interiors expand into the outer space, the boundaries to the forest blur. Nevertheless, the chalets fulfill the effect of a protective house, a freestanding stove. The house is part of the forest. You can follow every weather situation and every day and night situation with tension from the proximity.

In the concept of the certified Biohotel Saver, three identical chalets were designed, which are positioned at different altitudes. The material wood plays the main role and brings the surrounding natural atmosphere of the forest into the interior. Despite the exclusivity, The wood amplifies the character of the chalets of the tree houses and creates in a nature-related simplicity, as of a hut in the forest, acts. The chalets offer a wonderful opportunity to get closer to nature both indoors and outdoors. You offer an atmosphere in the forest with exciting off and wide sight in the hilly forest landscape of Pöllauberg. In the buildings are integrated forest trees, the part of the houses. The roof is covered in a tree and is being viewed from the sleep area.

# Innovativer Holzbau

Address Pöllauberg

Client Ulrike und Hermann Retter GmbH

Start of Planning 2019

Completion 2019

Use hotel

Notes 2019 ideas competition, 3rd prize

GFA 116 m²

UFA 142 m²