Success in international competition.

Our design positions itself as flatter and – among all entries – as the only one-storey structure. A light, wide cantilevered roof creates a spatial entanglement of the museum with the park and urban space. It communicates an inviting gesture and creates weather-protected outdoor areas for museum and park visitors. Through its positioning on the building site, the museum conveys an interface between nature and the city.

The museum follows the concept of a simple, flexible and easily switchable house. All functions of the museum are organized on one level. Starting point are the two, in their basic form simply held, hall-like exhibition rooms. Parallel to this are the switchable event and workshop rooms. If the temporary exhibition is expanded to international format, the two exhibition rooms will be linked via the spacious foyer area. Foldable facade elements close the east entrance and thus signal this feature to the outside. After entering the foyer from the city as well as the park side one arrives at the separate permanent or temporary exhibition. Along the foyer there are the public areas shop, café, foyer, and event that are generously open to the park. Visitor service, offices and other additional uses are located on the side facing the park. In any case, the room concept allows for its flexible use for a wide range of scenarios and adaptations. The materials selected were concrete, steel, rammed clay, clay plaster and glass.

# Museumsbau

Address Stadtpark Dessau, Kavalierstraße

Client Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

Completion 2015

Use museum

Notes recognition from 831 international submissions

GFA 4.257 m²

UFA 3.600 m²