Individual living in an urban environment is behind the idea of this new residential complex.

The compacted low-rise fits into the built environment of the outskirts – accentuated and grants anonymity. The terraced houses are composed of flexible modules, creating a free play of building structures and views. According to the needs and desires of the residents, they design their house and private space by freely selecting additional room wishes in different extension zones. The private green is designed by pergolas and storage rooms, creating a courtyard-like development.

The entire complex (58 units) is divided into 4 sections, which have their own open spaces and form a continuous settlement center. The majority of the terraced houses consists of an elongated, south-facing structure (type A), which allows brightly lit interiors by its narrow, the material wood fairgrounds. The building type with its attic (type B) is sometimes used to set urban accents, which also allow good orientation. All basic types allow a gradual expansion from 80 to 100 to 120 m². Due to the individually selected expansion variants creates a varied overall picture. Due to the varying extension zones on the ground floor and first floor, each terraced house has different spatial configurations (keyword “generation living”, or “living and working”). The Type B offers in the converted attic another special area. About the users and their desires, a vertical appearance develops, away from the usual monotonous suburban scenes.

# Individuelles Wohnen

Address Gradnerstraße 99, 8054 Graz

Client Wohnbaugruppe ENNSTAL

Start of Planning 2008

Start of Construction 2009

Completion 2011

Use 58 residential units

Notes 2008 competition, 1st prize

GFA 6.700 m²

UFA 5.578 m²