The compact building is functionally and formally divided into two structures.

It is naturally integrated into the environment and divides the generous outdoor area in the south between the crèche and kindergarten and the fortified forecourt in the arrivals area.

The building responds to the flood protection measures, in which it stands out in the northeast via a pedestal and on the south and west side creates a gradual transition of the site to a high-quality outdoor space. The clear structure and generous window openings in the south and west and the seat windows in the north and east make a direct connection to the exterior.

The building shape allows large, green and paved outdoor spaces with different qualities. The already existing garden in the south can still be used by the two kindergarten groups due to the positioning of the new building. Additional space is provided by the leased green space in the west of the kindergarten. The two playing surfaces flow into each other and are accessible from the group rooms and well visible. The garden area of nursery is located in the east of the building and can be combined with the outdoor area of the kindergarten as required. The arrangement of the building creates a fortified play area for kindergarten and nursery school in the northeast.

There is a clear separation between nursery and kindergarten. However, the multifunctional surface as well as the atrium can communicate the group with each other and also function as a unit. The nursery is given access to the atrium, allowing direct contact with the outside. The scope can be connected by sliding elements with the rest room.

# Kindergarten

Address Veitsch Dorf St. Barbara im Mürztal

Client Marktgemeinde Sankt Barbara im Mürztal

Start of Planning 2019

Use education

Notes 2019 competition, 1st prize

GFA 624,19m2

UFA 531,10m2