A loose construction with point houses runs through the entire competition area and mediates between the existing buildings in the north and the spacious green areas of the Mürz-floodplains.

Taking advantage of the natural terrain, the dwellings are height-graded and at the edge of the area, fortified squares in the north alternate with green outdoor areas with neighborhood gardens and quiet zones in the south. The existing dam is slightly increased with the excavated material, including all car parking spaces are housed and thus the entire residential complex traffic-free.

Due to the staggered arrangement of the building visual relations to the floodplains and qualitative open spaces are created. Both the new buildings in the south and the existing ones in the north benefit from the permeability of the building’s structure and provide views and views of all residential units. Two to three residential buildings each form a manageable quarter of about 35 residential units, each with its own children’s playground.

The selected building typology of the point house creates both an urban and an individual living environment. The similar but finely different individual houses give the residential complex a vivid picture. Thanks to the cleverly arranged underground car park, each newly built residential building can be reached by car, but the settlement itself is only accessible to pedestrians, cyclists, families and walkers.

# Mürz-Au

Address Kapfenberg

Client Austria Draht GmbH

Completion 2016

Use 154 apartments

Notes 2016 competition, 2nd prize

GFA 15.600 m²