The refurbishment of the elementary school and the rebuilding of the “music” offers the opportunity to highlight the original character of the school and to open up new perspectives of usability for the ensemble of the school, music and events through adaptations.

The three-side arrangement of the elementary school with multi-purpose hall around a one-sided open courtyard is recognized by high design and functional value. Based on this, the new music building encloses the ensemble of the elementary school and the multi-purpose hall. The new “courtyard” will be more attractive and will provide a communal roadside access for the “music”, the “sport”, for events and a second entrance to the elementary school. Thus, in addition to the original backyard-like access to the multi-purpose hall, there is an attractive central access area from the courtyard to the multifunctional building ensemble, which appears in the form of a spacious foyer area connecting the school with the multipurpose hall and the building for the “music”. Following the topography, the new inner courtyard slopes slightly down to the level of the multipurpose hall.

All areas are barrier-free. The inventory of the class tracts is accentuated in the courtyard, the new Marktgasse opens generously through “pockets” – the designed open space and the new Marktgasse are interwoven with each other and result in interesting exterior and interior spaces and visual relationships. The green “pockets” on the one hand serve as a kind of threshold from the inner courtyard to the class tracts and create small recreational areas that can be accessed directly from the Marktgasse. The Marktgasse thus forms the link between Hof and the class tracts and enables attractive added value in the inner courtyard. He underlines his use as a multifunctional space for the school and the village and club life for the “music” and events in the multi-purpose hall. The old, not very popular farm situation gives way to a clearly defined and designed courtyard, from which all functions can benefit.

Address Kumberg

Client Marktgemeinde Kumberg

Completion 2017

Use elementary and music school

Notes 2017 competition, 3rd prize

GFA 3.219 m²

UFA 2.595 m²