Five stone fragments arranged along the Mur provide the extension for the campus of the Montanuniversität Leoben.

The entrance to the new campus forms the extension of the Kaiserfeldgasse, which then opens to a central square. The new university square acts as an urban-planning joint that weaves the campus with the surrounding city as well as creating a relationship with the city quay and the natural environment of the Mur. Particular attention is paid to the high importance of the quality of stay of the open spaces. Thus, this central area creates a generous space for the students and for university events.

The new study center offers students and staff members of the Montanuniversität a wide range of flexibly usable rooms. It has two separate entrances on the ground floor. A north-facing entrance provides access directly from the quay, while the southern entrance leads into the building via the plaza in the extension of the Kaiserfeldgasse. The study center consists of a central core in which the three lecture theaters are located. This core is surrounded by a functional ring. In this encircling ring open and closed zones alternate like a pearl necklace. The closed zones are intended for concentrated work or even offices. In between there are open spaces of different layout for meeting and study zones.

Address Leoben

Client BIG

Completion 2018

Use study center

Notes 2018 competition, 2nd round

GFA 11.322 m²