The urban design takes up the overarching road network of the city of Wolfsberg, and tries to connect as best as possible with its surroundings.

There are foot-  and bike paths to the east to the suburb taken and continued. Thus, a future connection of the currently undeveloped land adjacent to the Mikutta area to the west can be guaranteed.

The aim of the draft is to limit the traffic-accessible public settlement area to a necessary minimum. As a result, the access for motorized traffic is limited to the outermost edge areas and thus allows a largely car-free settlement structure.

The access for the motorized traffic takes place exclusively on the east and south sides. Thus, the Rosthornweg, which leads past the city quarter on the west side of the city, will not be burdened with traffic and will continue to serve as an attractive cycling and walking path connection in the future.

# Städtebauliches Bebauungskonzept

Address 9400 Wolfsberg

Client Stadtgemeinde Wolfsberg

Start of Planning 2018

Completion 2020

Use housing, business, hotel

Notes 2018 competition, 1st prize

GFA 26.058 m²

UFA 19.645 m²