Renovation and revitalization of the moated castle for a new community and cultural center.

Based on a utilization concept of Group 3, comprehensive renovation and construction measures were carried out according to a 5-year plan. The palace facade has been restored and the cellar vault adapted for cultural events. The former square of the plant was restored by a new housing construction on the medieval foundations. Further, the municipal office was moved to the southwestern tract of the outer bailey and the round tower.

On the ground floor of the round tower, a castle café was built. Finally, the former moat was restored and flooded. With all these measures, the old castle ruins became a cultural and vital center in the middle of the Eastern Styrian spa region.

# Umfassende Sanierung mit Denkmalschutz

Address Schlossweg 1, 8291 Burgau

Client Gemeinde Burgau

Start of Planning 1994

Start of Construction 1994

Completion 1997

Notes 1996 Prize of the European Land and Village Development