Resource-saving redensification of large-volume multi-family houses with prefabricated timber-framed room cells.

A large number of residential buildings from the years 1950-1980 are located in infrastructurally well-equipped urban locations. Mostly a thermal and structural renovation, especially with regard to heating, plumbing and electrical installations is necessary.

The ROOFBOX project now opens up the possibility of additional consolidation of these residential buildings in combination with a technical renovation of the existing buildings.

Ready-made sanitary boxes with bath, toilet and kitchen are manufactured in the hall and lifted onto the roofs with a mobile crane. Living room and bedroom with terraces are the filling elements in large panel construction between these boxes.

Depending on the condition of the existing residential units, these can also be redeveloped. In a thermal renovation, the new installation shafts are led outside to ensure the most trouble-free construction. Additional balconies that are suspended from the ROOFBOXEN can be offered for the existing apartments.

# Innovativer Holzbau

# Zu- und Umbau

Address Leonhardgürtel 10, 8010 Graz

Client Energie Steiermark Technik GmbH

Start of Planning 2015

Completion 2016

Use residential expansion

GFA 142 m2