Airy cubes close the brackets of the park in terms of urban planning and form a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces in a strong context with the surroundings.

In terms of urban planning, the district communicates with the surrounding buildings. Above all, the formal idiom of the East-West running park quarter will be continued, including the north-south development of the Esplanade.

Through the, to the west opening, quarter place we created a strong connection to the park. The result is a dialectic of park and square, which will be further defined and structured by a subsequent development of Quartier 3.

The pedestal zone houses the multifunctional areas for commercial and service. The apartments are located in the towers above. In the southern building area there are also apartments on the 1st floor. These are oriented to the outside, as well as the quiet courtyard. The northern site also has a semi-public courtyard, to which also the uses and apartments are aligned. In these protected areas the toddler play areas are situated. The floor plans of the point houses allow not only a pure residential use but also a mixed use of office and living. This achieves the greatest possible flexibility and at the same time creates a framework for future development.

# Mehrfachnutzung

Address Reininghaus Q12, Graz

Client Q12 GmbH, BIG, Stadt Graz

Completion 2017

Use 336 apartments, vhs

Notes 2017 competition, 1st succeed

GFA 76.550 m²