The Quartier 12 forms the urban transition between the dense large-scale town houses in the West and the low school campus in the east.

Three polygonal quarters houses form the urban quarters place, which is the counterpart to the quarters park in the west.In accordance with the urban design specification, the alignment of the buildings are not changed. L-types, which are connected by a ground-level socket, create quarters with different qualities. The height graduation within the quarters was optimally adapted to the lighting conditions, taking into account the noise emissions, and adapted to the urban planning context. A specially positioned high point near the skyscrapers of Quartier 2 creates an accent with the neighbor to the west. As an identity-building urban element within the district, an urban fugue is inserted. It defines floors of air in different locations and combines high-quality rooms, the semi-public zones of the square with the semi-public courtyards of the neighborhoods.

The lodging is reserved for non-motorized traffic, pedestrians and cyclists. Spacious stairs between the L-types of the quarter houses interweave the central district square with the individual quarters. Everything you need is within walking distance, whether shop, kindergarten, office, common room, school or apartment, everything is in the immediate vicinity. Nonetheless, there are significant noise emissions from surrounding traffic and industry, so the design must respond to this. The urban element of the loggias was also used for additional sound insulation. There is the possibility to use these as sound insulation

# Städtebauliches Bebauungskonzept

Address Alte Poststraße, Graz

Client ARE (Austrian Real Estate)

Start of Planning 2019

Completion 2019

Use housing

Notes 2019 competition, among the first four

GFA 54.750 m²

UFA 30.666 m²