In 2005, the project “Redesign Eisenerz 2021” started. The starting point was the confrontation with sustainable redevelopment options for a housing estate from the 1950s.

At that time, it quickly became clear that an isolated consideration and renovation of a settlement within a city, where 20% of the approximately 3,000 existing rental apartments were affected by vacancy, is not effective in terms of a sustainable development process. That was the starting point for redesign iron ore.

In 2005, architect Werner Nussmüller and sociologist Rainer Rosegger began developing the entire range of measures for this area, with the aim of making iron ore more liveable by 2021. A rehabilitation of the housing market, or better said, a downsizing of infrastructures.

In 2006, the exhibition “Umbruch Aufbruch” took place, which communicated exactly this content to the interested public and a professional audience. In 2007, this state-of-the-art decision on the EUR 4 million allocation of infrastructure for the RSU concept (RSU stands for demolition, refurbishment and conversion) was achieved with this consistent focus. This was followed by the establishment of the Citizens’ Bureau as advisory and coordination office for the project and as a neutral point of contact for the population. The main task of the Citizens’ Bureau was counseling, monitoring and conflict management for those households affected by a planned change in their housing situation as a result of the urban development plan. After about 10 years, a reduction in the total housing stock of around 3,000 empty residential units to 1,799 apartments was achieved through decommissioning and conversion. This reduction was associated with about 150 resettlements of the residents in the inner-city core. At the same time, renovations are being carried out in residential buildings in the city center, and revitalization activities of historic buildings in the Old Town area.

Through consistent networking activities and the combination of different interests with existing potentials, a positive development in iron ore can be perceived after 10 years. These include the rehabilitation of the housing market, the downsizing of infrastructures, house rehabilitation and strengthening of the center as a place of residence, development of the “Erzberg Alpin Resort” in Münichtal, strengthening of the Nordic Training Center and the decision to build the Erzberg center.

# Wohnen als Siedlergemeinschaft

Client Land Steiermark

Start of Planning 2005

Completion 2021