The theme of interweaving and connecting is translated into a polygonal structure that links the surrounding city with the new district of Post City Linz.

The crystalline structures of the eight construction areas are staggered in height and create differentiated intern and open space qualities in different locations. The buildings consolidate the border at the edges of the Waldeggstraße in the west and at the railway tracks in the east and thus create a permeability to the district and generous differentiated open spaces within the area. A conclusive open space concept divides the interior of the district into different areas. The boulevard, plaza, squares and paths are the “lifelines” of a multifaceted thoroughfare through the new district. The boulevard serves as an entrance and link to the station district. He acts as a parent connection axis and tries to connect with his environment in the best possible way. In its shape it alternates between fortified, green and planted areas and offers a high quality of stay.

Due to the height development, the degree of built-up area on the property is kept very low. This results in high-quality, differentiated open spaces and spaces on the sphere 0 (up to 12m), whose qualitative use and programming is very important to us for this area. In conjunction with the base zone, whose landscaped gardens form the transition to Sphere 1 (from 12m), the open space widens upward into semi-public areas. From here interweave interesting visual relationships within the area with functional relationships between street level, pedestal and building.

The areas for trade, commerce, gastronomy and entertainment are situated in the bases of Sphere 0. Bases with a total height of 12 meters are subdivided into two or three storeys depending on their use. Above it there are commercial spaces for different office uses as well as the hotel. The hotel is located at the interface to Waldeggstraße.
At the boarding house, which is predominantly used as a temporary living space for employees, the pedestal expands the shared experience space in the form of a fitness room, spa and bouldering hall. In the serviced living the medical center with a generous wellness and health area is in the Sphere 0 and creates thus a synergy with the target group of the older inhabitants in the upper storeys.

The design of the open spaces follows a vertical stratification and a differentiation according to the degree of publicity. Based on Alexander von Humboldt’s plant geography, there are different plant communities, depending on the altitude – the house becomes a mountain!

# Mehrfachnutzung

# Städtebauliches Bebauungskonzept

Address Bahnhofplatz 12, 4020 Linz

Client Österreichische Post AG

Start of Planning 2019

Use housing, office, commercial, hotel

Notes 2019 EU-wide open, 2-stage competition, 1st prize

GFA 150.000 m²