The new boathouse for canoeing and kayaking is intended as a mediating element between the wharf and the promenade, between the sport and the water.

As one of many currently planned stages along the Mur, it does not need a dominant, but rather a providing a connecting and perhaps even simple gesture to give the variety of future users a space. The architecture of the building focuses on the networking of sport and the public. With its cubature and shape, it creates a vertical connection between the two public areas of the Marburger Kais and the Mur promenade and unites them in the new boathouse. The route leads the public through the building to the Mura promenade and thereby marks the new perceptibility of kayaking in Graz. The building is gently embedded in the landscape of the Mur shore – the platform and upstream seating levels connect the terrain with the house.

In the extension to Mur, the platform is treaded by steps. It creates a grandstand for sports competitions and events as well as additional usable space for the public. The topic of synergies is also reflected in the building, if the clubhouse is not open. It is almost “all the Scots sealed off” and the building becomes a tangible urban space. Ramps, seating steps and stairs interweave the most important green space, the banks of the Mur with the existing city structure, and create added value for the public through new attractive and open lounges.

Address Marburger Kai 40, 8010 Graz

Client Stadt Graz – Sportamt Graz

Start of Planning 2019

Completion 2019

Use sport, kayak club

Notes 2019 competition, 2nd prize

GFA 277,97 m2

UFA 204,60 m2