The multifunctional building MGC West represents a striking appearance in the new district.

The design concept was to create a gentle however meaningful transition between old and new. In terms of height, the structure mediates between the heterogeneous neighboring buildings. The building consists of 3 staggered cubes with projections and recesses, which open spaces.

The projection of cubes creates a new urban space with place, especially in the area of the old Danube bank. The panoramic path extends under the “roof” of the overhang and forms a connecting, high-quality hub. At this point, the gastronomy area is located, which can be accessed directly from the Panoramaweg. A staircase with seating steps invites you to linger. The building has two accesses:

one is centrally located directly on the Panoramaweg, another at the Richard-Schöps-Gasse. Both provide barrier-free access to the atrium, from where all functions can be achieved. The atrium creates space for communication and meeting. Due to the selected static system, the greatest possible flexibility for different uses is created inside: a usage-neutral column grid ensured, for example the conversion of the envisaged school floors to housing, without interfering with the support structure and outer shell are necessary. The solitaire has a signal effect for the subsequent new urban quarter.

# Multifunktionsgebäude

Address Richard Schöps Gasse, 1030 Wien

Client win4wien Bauträger GmbH

Start of Planning 2014

Start of Construction 2017

Completion 2020

Use housing, office, business

Notes 2014 competition, 1st prize

GFA 7.280 m²

UFA 5.282 m²