A near-natural visitor center for the region.

The present concept aims to preserve the existing building, any outbuildings as well as the garages in the rear area will be demolished.

In order to generate a spacious forecourt and an arrival zone, part of the building to be preserved is demolished. To overcome the level, an additional level is introduced, from which the different areas can be accessed. The central element is the spacious staircase, which should indicate the direction to Bärenschützenklamm and the new nature park.


The slight demolition of the existing building creates a spacious forecourt in the ground floor zone. From here you can get into the foyer and through an internal access to the second level to the event area. The forecourt also leads directly to the information stands and on to the second level of the cafe and ticket sales. The tourism area works separately, but can be added if necessary.

By introducing the second level, the height difference to the adjacent nature park is overcome. In addition, you get a calm inner courtyard, which can also be used as an event area.

The interior arcade of the hunters also serves as an exhibition area for the specimens, which can be viewed from inside and outside. The structure of the areas around the inner courtyard creates synergy between the units, which further strengthens the multifunctionality of this building.

The existing building, which serves as a new event center, will be partially preserved. The center of the hunters is on the second level and flows into the event area. The forest workshop is located in the rear area, but also after the hunters. The tourism zone and the entrance zone function as an independent building. This extends over two levels and is accessed from the forecourt and the quiet courtyard.


# Innovativer Holzbau

Address Grazer Straße 16, 8131 Mixnitz

Client styrian country-hunters

Start of Planning 2018

Completion 2020

Use tourism

GFA 1.355 m2