In an international 2-stage competition, the district project was awarded for first prize.

Adjacent to the grounds of the shepherds’ monastery, 403 apartments were built by the ÖWG in four phases from 2004 to 2014. At the heart of the new residential area is a central, glorious space with widely swinging structures and flowing green connections to the area on the north-eastern Schleifbach.

The resulting wide gates create a spacious spatial link on the entire settlement area. Pedestrian and cycle paths in north-south direction form a far-reaching embedding of the settlement in the city structure. “Heads” and “towers” accentuate the urban landscape. To cope with the noise pollution caused by the adjoining Wienerstraße, instead of the usual form of the soundproofing wall, a generous inclined plane with buried ground was erected. Compared to the aspect of “dividing” a “wall”, the “unfolded meadow” has a complex aspect of “opening”, “gate” and simultaneous function of protective roof for cars and extended green areas. Within the settlement, the “sloping meadow” forms an additional green space, which is used for playing. The generous open spaces are completely traffic-free and give this district a first-class living environment in which communication and leeway are used intensively by the residents,

Instead of the originally planned staircases, a development of accessibility was carried out due to the accessibility and economic considerations. Significant here are the front areas in front of the apartment entrances as places of communication as well as the strikingly formulated staircases. To enhance the Orientierbarkeit a special, strong color was executed. The apartments are equipped with large south or west-facing balconies and all have a cross-ventilation. The apartment sizes are between 55 and 90 m2.


Address Wienerstraße 160 – 266, 8051 Graz

Client ÖWG

Completion 2014

Use 403 apartments

Notes 2000 competition, 1st prize open throughout the EU

GFA 28.753 m²

UFA 27.406 m²