The dormitory is located in the immediate vicinity of the church St. Jakob. By taking in the street edge of the existing vicarage, the ensemble was closed to the adjacent cemetery wall.

Towards the south, there is an open outdoor area that defines the access and serves as an extension of the churchyard at any event.

In the three floors of the new building there are 5 apartments for a total of 20 students. These units are divided into 4-5 single rooms, 2 sanitary units and a large lounge / communication area.

The ground floor was designed as a concrete construction, the floors above it from bent cross laminated timber. In addition to the load-bearing interior walls, the ceilings were also made of wood, which makes the material used visible and noticeable. The outer skin forms a copper façade on the ground floor and a ventilated aluminum façade in the floors above.

# Studentenwohnheim aus gebogenem Brettsperrholz

Address Maßenbergerstrasse 9, 8700 Leoben

Client Kinder- und Jugendwerk Josefinum

Start of Planning 2015

Start of Construction 2016

Completion 2017

Use student hostel for 20 residents

GFA 995 m²

UFA 640 m²