The uniformly arranged point houses mediate between the heterogeneous development in the north and the park similar green space in the south. The three-story residential buildings are in a finely scattered configuration.

The two themes “GARDEN” and “ALLEY” are the design basis for the new housing development near the city center. The lane forms the backbone of the site and, with different qualities of accommodation, communicates between the different actors: the new inhabitants, the neighbors in the north, the city center in the east and the school and sports facilities in the west. The lane is kept free of individual traffic, to the east and west are the visitor parking lots.

The loosened construction creates a permeability to the neighbor buildings. The differently designed open spaces between the buildings create an added value of the vistas. The arrangement of the buildings interweaves the green areas with the attractive garden area in the south and the northern movement.

The clear cubic form and materiality of the buildings are understated in their simplicity, highlighting the surrounding natural space and calling themselves “houses in the garden”. The houses are designed as 2-3 chips (maximum 9 apartments/buildings) which means that no lift is necessary (but can be produced later). All apartments are oriented two to three sides.

Address Gartengasse, 8130 Frohnleiten

Client Wohnbaugruppe ENNSTAL

Start of Planning 2017

Completion 2021

Use 42 apartments

Notes 2017 competition, 1st prize

GFA 4.233 m²

UFA 2.905 m²