The design consists of six different forms of use *, which are formally legible on the building. As in a plug-in system, these uses are interlocked. At its intersection, at the foot of the tower, is a spacious passageway to the park and the central main entrance. Directly connected is the spacious foyer. It creates an arrival, a clear orientation, and contributes the high frequency of the building. From the foyer, the main parts of the building open up. The café is centrally located in the courtyard and offers a 180 degree panoramic view.

The building is positioned longitudinally along Kaiserjägerstrasse. The eaves of the slab take up the heights of the adjacent buildings and form a striking horizon. In particular, the spatial relationship with SoWi University, located to the south, provides an essential relationship, as sharing with the MCI now forms a campus. The courtyard-side open space between the new MCI and the court garden serves for movement, exchange and lingering. In contrast to the court garden, a landscape designed as a courtyard and university square is created, which distributes the various streams of users well and gives them space. The horizontal orientation of the building frames the magnificent trees of the court garden and the silhouette of the north chain. The passage on the ground floor is in flight to the entrance to the courtyard garden.

* Forms of use: foyer, arrival area, distribution // Auditorium // open working landscapes // laboratories and technology // teaching and studying (panel) // administration, departments (tower)

Address Innsbruck

Client Land Tirol

Completion 2016

Use foyer, auditorium, open working scapes, laboratories and technology, teaching and study, administration

Notes 2016 competition, recognition prize

GFA 26.500 m²

UFA 17.000 m²