Extensive structural and renovation measures in the castle and in all stud buildings.

After the restoration of the buildings, they now show a new appearance to the outside, without forgetting the traditional aspects of the stud as a cultural asset and center of Lipizzaner-breed. The goal of the client to create the greatest possible work relief for all employees of the stud by means of these modernization measures was achieved as well as the desired increase in experience for all visitors to the stud farm.

The reconstruction measures included the castle and all the surrounding buildings as well as modern designed walkways, squares and visitor tours in the newly created stud farm. The “Schüttkasten” now houses the new Lipizzanermuseum, the saddle chamber was converted into a café and rebuilt the old car-remise for a coach exhibition. The castle is designed with architecturally designed restaurant for seminar uses and administrative activities.

# Ausstellung

Address Piber 1, 8580 Köflach

Client Spanische Hofreitschule, Wien

Start of Planning 2002

Start of Construction 2002

Completion 2003

Notes 2003 Styrian Landmark, Revi Fond